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Seasonal Weight & Speed Restrictions Enforced by Local Agencies

Beginning Thursday, January 19 at 6 a.m., Seasonal Weight and Speed Restrictions will be enforced by: Kent County Road Commission (KCRC), Barry County Road Commission, Ionia County Road Commission, Muskegan County Road Commission, Ottawa County Road Commission, City of Kentwood, and the City of Walker.


Dave Medema Appointed to KCRC Board

Commissioner Medema was appointed to KCRC’s board on January 3 by the Kent County Board of Commissioners to serve a six-year term. He replaces former KCRC road commissioner David Groenleer, who retired from the board in December 2016 after serving since 2007.


Winter Maintenance Operations

KCRC maintenance crews work hard to keep county and state roads drivable through the changing conditions of Michigan winters. The intensity, timing and duration of each winter event is different and response is adapted to address variables including type of precipitation, air and pavement temperature, traffic, wind, and time of day.