Award of Bids

The following bids were awarded by the Board of Commissioners at the Kent County Road Commission’s Board Meeting on December 16, 2014

·         The Board awarded the purchase of 2015 requirements of paper products, as needed, with a one year renewal option to the following bidders at the costs indicated:

Item                                  Supplier                                  Cost Per Case

            Shop Towels                           Nichols                                    $28.41

            Toilet Tissue                            Fibers of Kalamazoo               $35.90

            Scottfold Towels                    Nichols                                    $16.24

            Center Pull Towels                  Nichols                                    $22.34

            Cabinet Roll                            Miner Supply                          $36.80

            Facial Tissue                            Nichols                                    $18.93


·         The Board awarded the purchase of 2015 requirements of various road materials (sand, gravel, stone), as needed to “ALL BIDDERS” whose material meets the 2012 MDOT Standard Specifications for Construction Section 902 Aggregate requirements.  Those bidders are Barber Creek Sand and Gravel, Cannonsburg Sand and Gravel, Grand Rapids Gravel, High Grade Materials, Site Developers, Stoneco of Michigan, Tip Top Gravel, Rusche Trucking and Mike Zagumny Excavating.

The Board of County Road Commissioners reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids as it deems in the best interest of the Kent County Road Commission.

Mary K. Wiegerink C.P.M., Assistant Director of Finance - Purchasing, telephone number 616.242.6928

Kent County Road Commission | 1500 Scribner Ave. NW | Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504 | (616) 242-6900