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Accelerated Grass Growth: Proceed with Caution

Accelerated Grass Growth: Proceed with Caution

High temperatures and heavy rainfall have accelerated grass growth along Kent County roads. For this reason, the Kent County Road Commission and the Kent County Sheriff’s Department are asking drivers and non-motorized road users to use extra caution when approaching and navigating intersections.

“We have received a number of inquiries from motorists who are concerned that the grass is restricting site distance,” said Jerry Byrne, KCRC’s Deputy Managing Director of Operations. “Although we review the locations of concern, we want to impress upon our residents that addressing requests on a case-by-case basis significantly reduces the miles of roadside we can clear, overall. Therefore, we urge everyone to stay attentive at intersections.”

KCRC Mowing 2018

As part of ongoing vegetation control activities, KCRC deploys a fleet of mowers from May through September to cover nearly 5,000 miles of right of way along state and county roads. With mowers traveling at less than 5 miles-per-hour, it is important to maximize efficiency by focusing on a systematic, rather than case-by-case, approach to cutting roadside grass.

“As the Kent County Road Commission works diligently to clear sight lines at affected intersections, we are asking motorists to understand the crucial importance of not driving distracted and proceeding with caution through intersections, regardless of whether or not you have the right of way,” said Sergeant Joel Roon of the Kent County Sheriff’s Department. “It’s important to remember that in normal daylight conditions, if you don’t have a clear line of sight to an opposing driver’s eyes, they may not know you’re there. Just as importantly, if a person doesn’t feel they can pass through an intersection safely, an alternate route can be considered.”

Property owners are encouraged to improve sight distance and enhance safety for themselves and other road users by mowing along their property.


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