Kent County Road Commission Directory

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Steven A. Warren

Managing Director

Phone: 616-242-6960

Steve Roose

Director of Buildings and Equipment

Phone: 616-242-6901 ext. 6955

Tim Haagsma, P.E

Director of Traffic and Safety

Phone: 616-242-6936

Wayne Harrall, P.E.

Deputy Managing Director, Engineering

Phone: 242-6901 ext. 6914

Macy Barcheski

Director of Finance

Phone: 616-242-6932

Mario Guerra

Assistant Director of Finance - Accounting

Phone: 616-242-6901 ext 6986

Road Maintenance

Phone: 616-242-6950


Phone: 616-242-6927

Equipment and Facilities

Phone: 616-242-6901 ext. 6956

Right of Way Office

Phone: 616-242-6966

Mary Wiegerink

Assistant Director of Finance - Purchasing

Phone: 616-242-6901 ext 6928

Maura Lamoreaux

Communications Manager

Phone: 616-242-6949

Deb Napieralski

Administrative Specialist

Phone: 616-242-6901 ext. 6956

Office of the Managing Director

Phone: 616-242-6960

General Information/Operator

Phone: 616-242-6900

Central Complex

Bill Byrne: Superintendent

1500 Scribner Avenue, NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Phone: 616-242-6972

Gerald “Jerry” Byrne

Deputy Managing Director of Operations

Phone: 616-242-6950

Administrative Inquiry

Phone: 616-242-6960

Shirley Wollner, P.E.

Assistant Director of Traffic and Safety

Phone: 616-242-6901 ext 6922

North Complex

Rich Baker: Superintendent

11777 White Creek Ave NECedar Springs, MI 49319

Phone: 616-696-3160

Thomas Byle, P.E.

Assistant Director of Engineering

Phone: 616-242-6901 ext. 6981

Steve Roon

Assistant Director, Maintenance

Phone: 616-242-6950

Permit Office

Phone: 616-242-6920

Scott Bocian

Sign Shop Foreman

Phone: 616-242-6901 ext 6929

South Complex

Steve Thomas: Superintendent

4949 Tim Dougherty Drive SE (formerly South Complex Drive), Grand Rapids, MI 49512-4091

Phone: 616-336-2987

Karen Luneke

Executive Secretary

Phone: 616-242-6960

Human Resources

Phone: 616-242-6979

Kris Cassady

Administrative Specialist

Phone: 616-242-6950

Southwest Complex

Paul Price: Assistant District Foreman

131 84th St SWByron Center, MI 49315-6925

Phone: 616-336-8051

Juan Villarreal

Administrative Aide, Safety

Phone: 616-242-6901 ext 6924

Signs, signals and safety

Phone: 616-242-6923

L.R. Cole, SR/WA

Senior Property Specialist

Phone: 616-242-6966

Traffic and Safety

Phone: 616-242-6923

Weight Limits

Phone: 616-336-2019

Jeff Kocsis, P.E.

Engineer of Maintenance and Local Construction

Phone: 616-242-6901 ext. 6917

Rick Sprague

Transportation Planner

Phone: 616-242-6901 ext. 6948