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How do I get a street sign made for our private street?

To request the production of a street sign for a private street, please call the Permit Department at 616-242-6920.

If a tree falls in the traveled portion of the roadway designed for public travel; what do I do?

Please call the KCRC office immediately at 616-242-6950. The fallen trees will be moved outside of the road right-of-way when possible.  The relocated fallen tree will be left for the property owner’s use and/or disposal.  

My car hit a pothole and incurred damage. How do I get reimbursed?

Questions concerning claims are often made to the Road Commission when damage occurs to a vehicle that is caused by road conditions. Please be advised that under state law MCLA 691.1403, the Kent County Road Commission cannot be held liable for damages due to a road defect, like a pothole.  In order for a claim to be eligible for reimbursement, KCRC must have been aware of the pothole for 30 days without repairing it. 

My neighbors and I would like a traffic signal at an intersection. How can we petition for one?

The Michigan Manual of Uniform Traffic Control establishes a set of criterial, or warrants, to determine whether a traffic signal is required. Requests for traffic signals are reviewed, with the decision based on the state guidelines.  

What are seasonal weight and speed restrictions?

Seasonal weight and speed restrictions are legal limits placed on the loads trucks may carry and the speed at which they can travel. The intent of the restrictions is to protect the integrity of the road when frost is coming out of the ground. Normal legal loads must be reduced by approximately 35% and truck vehicle speeds reduced to 35 mph.