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My car hit a pothole and incurred damage. How do I get reimbursed?

Potholes are an unfortunate consequence of Michigan weather, and KCRC seeks to fix potholes as soon as possible after we are notified.  

Under Michigan law, the Kent County Road Commission (KCRC) is not liable for any damages caused by a roadway defect unless:  (1) the defect constituted an imperfection that made the roadway not reasonably safe and convenient for public travel; (2) the Road Commission had notice of the defect; and (3) the Road Commission failed to take corrective measures relating to the defect within a reasonable amount of time.  This is a three-part requirement.  That is to say, each one of these factors must be established for liability to exist on the part of the Road Commission.  Therefore, KCRC typically does not reimburse for damage due to a pothole. 

If you believe that all three conditions have been met, and the pothole was on a road under Kent County Road Commission jurisdiction, please contact  KCRC’s Traffic and Safety Division at 616-242-6936.