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People are speeding on our road. How do I get the speed limit lowered?

When a request is received to lower the speed limit on a county road, it is reviewed collaboratively by the township, KCRC and the Michigan State Police. The potential next step includes conducting speed studies, accident analyses, and driving environment surveys. A recommendation is made based on analysis of the data collected and established traffic engineering criteria.

If it is determined that a change should be made to the speed limit, a Traffic Control Order is submitted by the Director of the Michigan State Police for KCRC approval.

The primary basis for establishing a proper, realistic speed limit is the nationally recognized method of using the 85th percentile speed. This is the speed at or below which 85% of the traffic moves. Please note that posting unrealistically low speed limits may create a false sense of security, and studies have shown that the driving environment, not the posted speed limit, is the main influence on motorists’ speeds.


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