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What are the limitations of road salt?

The effectiveness of salt is dependent upon pavement temperature of 15-20°F and above. When the pavement temperature drops below 15°F, the effectiveness of salt is decreased significantly, and KCRC will begin adding other chemicals such as calcium chloride or magnesium chloride to the salt to lower the melting point. 

Wind conditions also play a role when deciding how to apply salt or other de-icing agents. As temperatures drop and the snow becomes dryer, wind can blow snow across the pavement. If there is a chemical residue left on the pavement from a previous salt application, blowing snow can be attracted to the residue and stick to the pavement. This creates hazardous conditions that would not have existed if no de-icing agents were previously applied.  


The effectiveness of salt can also be affected by the type of pavement; salt works better on blacktop pavements than on textured, concrete pavements. 


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