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Why can’t KCRC plows avoid pushing snow into my driveway?

KCRC drivers work as efficiently as possible to cover 114 snowplow routes and treat and clear 3,000 miles of roads. Lifting the plow’s blade at every driveway would increase the time it takes to move through the designated snow routes, greatly reducing the miles of roadway crews cover during a snow or ice event. In addition, lifting the plow’s blade increases the amount of snow left on the road.

Therefore, snow may be deposited onto driveways during snow removal. To help minimize the amount of snow that gets pushed onto your driveway: place as much snow as possible in the direction of travel when clearing your driveway and place the removed snow on the downstream side of the road. Then, clear an area or pocket “upstream” from your driveway’s access where the snow from the road can go into. See: Avoid Second Shovel


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