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Why hasn’t the intersection by my house been mowed?

In order to achieve the highest efficiency and address the most amount of miles, mowing of county right of way is typically conducted in a systematic, rather than issue-by-issue, basis. However, we do appreciate knowing specific locations that residents identify as areas of concern.

*         Because of the excessive rain recently, the ground is very wet and our mowers are at risk of getting stuck if they venture too far off the pavement. Therefore, they are not creating as wide a cut into the right-of-way as they have been able to in the past. The second pass during the summer should allow them to mow a wider cut down the right-of-way.

*         Property owners are encouraged to mow along their property to enhance safety of themselves and other motorists

*         The system targets two passes along all of KCRC's right of way and includes both county and state roads

*         A fleet of mowers is deployed May - August, subject to the weather and emergency response efforts

*         Mowing equipment travels at less than 5 miles per hour, covering right of way along 5,000 miles of road


The Kent County Sheriff's Department advises that in normal daylight conditions, if you don’t have a clear line of sight to an opposing driver’s eyes, they may not know you’re there. Just as importantly, if a person doesn’t feel they can pass through an intersection safely, an alternate route can be considered.