KCRC Honored with Award of Excellence for 36th Street Reconstruction

KCRC Honored with Award of Excellence for 36th Street Reconstruction

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As the Kent County Road Commission (KCRC) continues preparations for the 2016 construction season, one of its 2015 projects has earned an Award of Excellence by the Michigan Concrete Association (MCA). The 36th Reconstruction Project between Patterson Avenue and Kraft Avenue won the Urban Arterials Category because it “provided best value” with “a long-term (concrete) fix,” according to Dan DeGraaf, MCA’s Executive Director.

"The Kent County Road Commission has been a leader in the area of asset management, and investing the taxpayers' money in a pavement that will return the best value is a key part of managing roadway assets,” said DeGraaf.  “Best value for the taxpayers is obtained when a proper mix of long and short-term fixes are utilized county wide, and KCRC's choice of a long-term fix using concrete on 36th Street as part of that strategy is to be applauded."

The 36th Street corridor is the principal arterial route that provides the major link between I-96 and the Gerald Ford International Airport. It also serves as a feeder to the industrial uses that surround the airport and run along the route. The full-depth pavement reconstruction project was completed between April 13 and July 3, 2015. Deteriorated asphalt pavement was replaced with concrete to provide a more durable surface for the heavy commercial traffic along the corridor. Work included the removal of existing asphalt pavement; placement of concrete pavement; work on sidewalk ramps at both Patterson Avenue and Kraft Avenue; application of pavement markings; and restoration. 

"A major challenge was maintaining truck traffic for the various commercial & industrial businesses within the project limits,” explained Wayne Harrall, KCRC’s Deputy Managing Director of Engineering. “KCRC staff did a great job communicating with the businesses prior to the project’s start and coordinating driveway closures to best suit the businesses’ needs while not sacrificing the quality of work accomplished.”

Jeff Fischer, the project’s inspector, accepted the award on behalf of KCRC at MCA’s Winter Conference on Thursday, February 25. Additional members of the project’s team included Eric Rodegher, project engineer, Gene DeRuyter, assistant project engineer, and Ed Vruggink and Chuck Shiroda, project staking.

“We are very proud to receive this award because it exemplifies KCRC’s commitment to preserving our road and bridge assets with the right fix for the right road given the volume and type of traffic served,” said Steve Warren, KCRC’s Managing Director. “Reconstructing 36th Street with a concrete pavement provides a more durable surface to accommodate the heavy industrial traffic along the corridor, and in turn, this will extend the service life of the road.”

The project’s concrete contractor was Florence Cement Company and the contractor’s testing company was SSI.