Seasonal Weight & Speed Restrictions Enforced by Local Agencies

Seasonal Weight & Speed Restrictions Enforced by Local Agencies

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Winter Maintenance

Beginning Thursday, January 19 at 6 a.m., Seasonal Weight and Speed Restrictions will be enforced by the following agencies:

Kent County Road Commission (KCRC), Barry County Road Commission, Ionia County Road Commission, Muskegan County Road Commission, Ottawa County Road Commission, City of Kentwood, and the City of Walker.

The intent of the restrictions is to protect the integrity of the road when frost is coming out of the ground. Normal legal loads must be reduced by approximately 35% and truck vehicle speeds reduced to 35 mph.

“We will be enforcing the restrictions based on this week’s forecast of rising temperatures and rainfall along with tests indicating frost depth of up to 36 inches. The enforcement of restrictions will help us protect the integrity of our non all-season roads as the frost comes out of the ground,” said Jerry Byrne, KCRC’s Deputy Director of Operations for KCRC.

Byrne said that the imposed restrictions could be suspended as conditions warrant.

Those with truck-related questions may contact the Michigan Center for Truck Safety at 1-800-MTA- 4MTA (1-800-682-4682).

The KCRC Seasonal Weight and Speed Restriction Hotline: 616-336-2019

KCRC’s Weight Restriction & Bonding Policy

Truck Operators Map with Seasonal Restriction Information