Winter Maintenance Operations

Winter Maintenance Operations

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Winter Maintenance

More information, including Frequently Asked Questions, is available in the Winter Maintenance section located under Services: Click Here.

KCRC maintenance crews work hard to keep county and state roads drivable through the changing conditions of Michigan winters. The intensity, timing and duration of each winter event is different and response is adapted to address variables including type of precipitation, air and pavement temperature, traffic, wind, and time of day.

KCRC crews remove snow and ice from roadways as efficiently as possible while working to keep roads open and essential traffic moving. The aim of KCRC’s storm response is to return road surfaces to normal winter conditions as soon as is feasible, targeting one pass on all roads within 36 hours of the conclusion of the event. With proper use of storm forecasts, personnel, equipment, and materials, the desired result can usually be attained. However, flexibility is needed to adapt to the variety of circumstances and possible change in weather conditions.

Concern for motorist safety dictates that KCRC first serves the roads with high traffic volumes and speeds. Therefore, snow removal crews typically address roadways in the following order:

State Highways (ex: US-131, I-96, M-6)
County Primary Roads (ex: Byron Center Ave, West River Drive)
Local Paved Roads (ex: Buttrick Avenue, Courtland Drive)
County local gravel roads, lake drives, subdivision streets

Please note that if the snow continues to fall or drift, KCRC may have to return to the state highways and primary roads before plowing local roads and streets. KCRC targets one pass on all county roads within 36 hours of the conclusion of a storm.

When plows are on the road, it's important to follow these safety tips:

When motorists see green strobe lights, they are asked to slow down and be alert – a KCRC snowplow or road maintenance truck is performing work on the right of way.


This video from the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) describes the technique that will help keep your driveway clear when plows pass.

More information regarding Winter Maintenance Operations, including Frequently Asked Questions is available in Winter Maintenance located under Services: Click Here.