Kent County Road Commission Permits

A permit is required from KCRC for any and all work performed in the County road right-of-way. This includes residential and commercial driveways, sidewalks and non-motorized pathways, landscaping, utilities and oversized overweight trucking. In addition, KCRC is the designated Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (SESC) Enforcing Agency for Kent County and the cities of East Grand Rapids, Grandville and Wyoming. An SESC permit is required for any activity within 500 feet of a lake or stream.

Completed applications may be emailed to; faxed to 616-336-4397; or delivered the Permit Department, 1500 Scribner Avenue, Grand Rapids, MI 49301. When applicable, a credit card payment may be taken by phone at 616-242-6920, or a check payment may be mailed to Kent County Road Commission, Permit Department, 1500 Scribner Avenue, Grand Rapids, MI 49301.

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Required for those wishing to volunteer to keep a specific stretch of road litter-free.

Private Street - Sign Request

To request the production of a street sign for a private street, please call the Permit Department at 616-242-6920.

Ditch Enclosure Information

Ditch enclosures within the public right of way may be permitted in front of residences property frontage provided the following criteria is met

Commercial Driveway/Private Street Approach

Required for those seeking a commercial entrance/private street approach on a County road.

Residential Driveway

Required for those seeking a residential entrance on a County road.