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Cascade Township

Schedule Date: July 9 - September 20, 2019

Location Detail: Local Road Paving Projects

UPDATE: (August 13)

Beginning  August 14, Rieth-Riley will resume work on Cascade Township neighborhood streets north of 36th Street. Work will be conducted on various local streets and will include raising castings, applying top course, milling and base course paving.

Residents are reminded to abide by the no parking yard signs, where posted. Thank you for your patience and cooperation!


UPDATE: (August 1) KCRC is taking the necessary steps to minimize the impact of the strike by Operating Engineers Local 324 against Rieth-Riley Construction, a KCRC contractor, that began today, July 31. For Cascade Township Neighborhood Streets north of 36th Street:

  • KCRC will be making spot repairs where needed throughout the subdivisions where asphalt has been removed so that residents and motorists can more conveniently navigate along these areas.
  • Once the labor dispute is resolved, KCRC will work with Rieth-Riley to reschedule the remaining work.

The following is a list of local road paving projects currently proposed/scheduled for the 2019 construction season. Local roads are typically shorter distance, two-lane collector roads and residential streets. Local road projects are cost-shared between the township and the Kent County Road Commission.


Road Improvement Project: Full Mill & Fill

Mill & Fill is a structural pavement treatment that involves the removal of the existing surface layer - and in some cases the entire asphalt pavement thickness - with a milling machine and the replacement of the milled location with new asphalt. This process is used when a surface has deteriorated to poor condition and surrounding grades (i.e. curbs, driveways) must be met.

Roads receiving improvement:

  • Thorncrest Dr. (30th St. to Colchester Dr.)
  • Sheffield Dr. (Thorncrest Dr. to Colchester Dr.)
  • Colchester Dr. (30th St. to Leyton Dr.)
  • Leyton Dr. (Howlett Dr. to End)
  • Howlett Dr. (Leyton Dr. to End)
  • Whitburn Dr. (Bannockburn Dr. to Buttrick Ave.)
  • Whitburn Ct. (Whitburn Dr. to End)
  • Buckhaven Dr. (Stonehaven Dr. to Whitburn Dr.)
  • Stonehaven Dr. (End to End)
  • Candlewood Dr. (Hidden Hills Ave. to Whitburn Dr.)
  • Woodvale St. (End to End)
  • Hidden Hills Ave. (Cascade Rd. to Woodvale St.)
  • Bentwood Dr. (Hidden Hills Ave. to End)
  • Hidden Hills Ct. (Hidden Hills Ave. to End)
  • Pinoak Ct. (Woodvale St. to End)
  • Vinewood Ave. (Aspenwood Dr. to Candlewood Dr.)
  • Aspenwood Dr. (Buttrick Ave. to End)
  • Aspenwood Ct. (Aspenwood Dr. to End)
  • Westcott Dr. (36th St. to Aspenwood Dr.)
  • N. Applecrest Ct. (Aspenwood Dr. to End)
  • S. Applecrest Ct. (Aspenwood Dr. to End)
  • Appkle Hill Dr. (36th St. to Aspenwood Dr.)
  • Apple Hill Ct. (Apple Hill Dr. to End)
  • Vinewood Ave. (36th St. to Aspenwood Dr.)
  • Pne Park Dr. (Cascade Rd. to End)
  • Pine Park Ct. (Pine Park Dr. to End)
  • Whispering Ridge St. (Cascade Rd. to End)
  • Kenrob Dr. West (Cascade Rd. to End)
  • Kenrob Dr. East (Cascade Rd. to End)
  • Kenrob Ct. (Kenrob Dr. to End)
  • Cahoon Dr. (Cascade Rd. to End)
  • Buccaneer Dr. (Cascade Rd. to Maracaibo Shores Ave.)
  • Maracaibo Shores Ave. (Doubloon Dr. to End)
  • Rum Run Ave. (Doubloon Dr. to Buccaneer Dr.)
  • Doubloon Dr. (Maracaibo Shores Ave. to Buccaneer Dr.)
  • Pirates Cove Ct. (Doubloon Dr. to End )
  • 36th St. (Cascade Rd. to Buttrick Ave.)
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