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Fruit Ridge Avenue (Complete)

Schedule Date: August 14 - September 14, 2018

Location Detail: 10 Mile Road to 12 Mile Road

​Project: Crush & Shape and Overlay

Crush & Shape is a structural pavement treatment that grinds, or crushes, the existing asphalt and 1-2” of underlying gravel. The material is then regraded, compacted and covered with multiple layers of paver-placed hot asphalt.


​This project is being funded by the supplemental appropriation passed by Michigan Legislature and signed by Governor Snyder in March 2018, which provides $3.3 million additional revenue to KCRC for 2018 construction season.

Fruitridge Ave: 10 Mile Road - 11 Mile Road; Crush & Shape, repaved with 2 inch base course, then a 1.5 inch topcourse.

Fruitridge Ave: 11 Mile Road to 12 Mile Road; 1.5" Overlay

Detour posted during construction:

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