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Patterson Avenue and 44th Street

Schedule Date: June 10 - August 30, 2019

Location Detail: Intersection

Widen to provide dual left-turn lanes on eastbound 44th Street to northbound Patterson Avenue.  The work includes asphalt and concrete pavement removal, concrete curb and gutter, concrete pavement, pavement markings, resoration and traffic signal modifications.  The work will be phased to maintain one lane in each direction and left turns at the intersection.  Traffic will be maintained with lane closures.


Phase I (Complete): Strain Electric will be conducting traffic signal work. Lane closures will be required in the right turn lane of SB Patterson (N of 44th) and in the right lane of WB 44th (w/o Patterson)

Phase II - Starts June 21:  Road work  by contractor Kamminga and Roodvoets
Additional lane closures implemented;
two-way traffic maintained with one lane in both direction and left-turn lanes open


Schedule is projected and subject to be modified based on weather, equipment and contractor schedule.

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