10 Mile Road

US 131 to Meijer Driveway; Childsdale Ave to Rogue River

September 11 - October 2017

Mill & Fill

This project includes 0.62 miles of hot mix asphalt cold milling and resurfacing and concrete divider removal on 10 Mile Road from the US-131northbound ramps to east of Belmont Avenue, from east of Belmont Avenue to east of Meijer Drive and from Childsdale Avenue to Rogue River Bridge. 

Phase of Construction:

Rieth-Riley is scheduled to begin spot curb, gutter removal and replacement, and sidewalk ramp upgrades on Monday, September 11 on 10 Mile Road between US 131 and Thrifty Drive and between Childsdale Avenue and the Rogue River Bridge.

Cold-milling and HMA paving is scheduled for the week of September 18.

Traffic Control:

All work will be completed with lane closures, while maintaining two-way traffic (minimum of one lane in each direction) at all times.

Colored areas on the map indicate Kent County cities and villages NOT within KCRC jurisdiction.

Contractor: Rieth-Riley
KCRC Project Engineer: Jeff Kocsis