Crahen Avenue

M-21/Fulton Street to 700 feet north

August 28 - November 8, 2017 (non-roadway work - Spring 2018)

This project will consist of relocating Crahen Avenue, beginning at the existing bridge over the railroad (approximately 700 feet north of M-21/Fulton Street) and intersecting with M-21/Fulton Street, to align Crahen Avenue with the existing intersection of M-21/Fulton Street and Forest Hill Avenue (approximately 620 feet east of the current intersection of Crahen Avenue and M-21/Fulton Street). 

Traffic Control:

Construction will be conducted primarily outside of the existing roadways and should have minimal impact on M-21/Fulton Street and Crahen Avenue traffic. Traffic is projected to shift to the new Crahen Avenue alignment during 2017, with remaining work to be conducted outside of the roadway in the spring of 2018. 

Colored areas on the map indicate Kent County cities and villages NOT within KCRC jurisdiction.

KCRC Project Engineer: Eric Rodegher
Contractor: Milbrocker and Sons