Jupiter Avenue Bridge (Plainfield Bridge #24)

Jupiter Avenue over the Grand River, south of West River Drive

July 10 - September 15, 2017

The preventative maintenance project will be completed in two phases: The first phase will include concrete approach pavement repair, and expansion joint installation. The second phase will include shot blasting the entire deck surface and sealing with an epoxy-based sealer.  

JUPITER AVENUE UPDATE (August 9): The Jupiter Avenue bridge project is proceeding on schedule and all lanes are currently open to traffic. The concrete and expansion joint repairs on the bridge have been completed and the only work that remains is to apply an epoxy seal to the bridge deck. Before the epoxy seal can be added, the concrete repairs must cure for 28 days. Therefore, we anticipate that in 3 to 4 weeks, limited lane closures will be put back into place in order to apply the epoxy seal, which takes about one week to complete. During the epoxy seal process, at least one lane of traffic in each direction will remain in place

Traffic Control:

Both phases will be completed with lane closures, with “outside – inside” construction sequence being used. 

Colored areas on the map indicate Kent County cities and villages NOT within KCRC jurisdiction.

Contractor: Anlaan Corporation
KCRC Engineer: Mike TenBrock