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Engineering Division

Employees in the Engineering Division have the opportunity to blend practical experience in the field, where they work alongside construction crews and interact with the public, with project design and management, typically completed in the office.

KCRC’s Assistant Project Engineers, Project Engineers, Permit Managers, Property Specialist and Engineering Technicians are responsible for the planning, preliminary engineering (survey and design) and construction engineering (staking and inspection) of all road and bridge projects on the KCRC system. Employees in this division get a great mix of being out in the field working alongside construction crews and the public, as well as having the opportunity to design and manage projects from the office.

The Road Ahead

With growth and retirement on the horizon, the Engineering Division will be searching for degreed and licensed Project Engineers over the next 3-5 years.  To qualify for these positions, applicants would need a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a valid PE License.

KCRC is always looking for seasonal employees and interns to assist with surveying efforts, computer-aided design (CAD), and storm water/environmental fieldwork.

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Traffic and Safety

Our Traffic and Safety Division proactively manages traffic operations throughout Kent County by monitoring and investigating vehicle crashes, conducting traffic studies, installing/maintaining traffic signs, signals and pavement markings, and investigating property damage claims and right-of-way encroachments.

The Road Ahead

Our staffing levels are projected to remain consistent over the next few years. With a focus on succession planning, we will seek to promote from within to fill future openings in our Road Patrol (weighmaster) and Sign Shop. However, as KCRC increases the number of traffic signals throughout the county, we are planning to recruit externally for a Traffic Technician. This position will provide technical and clerical support for the Traffic & Safety Division, including conducting traffic counts, completing traffic signal timing plans, scheduling pavement markings, and preparing and generating reports.

To be considered for full time employment as a Traffic Technician you must have:

  • A valid driver's license
  • Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering or related degree 
  • Clean driving record; ability to pass a post-offer drug screen and background check

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Facilities & Equipment

The Facilities & Equipment Division manages all KCRC’s facilities, vehicles, equipment, and materials. This division is responsible for maintaining the buildings and grounds at KCRC's four complexes, formulating specifications for purchase, rental or lease on all equipment, performing major repairs and preventative maintenance on KCRC's fleet, and fabricating KCRC plow trucks, from chassis to completion. Each KCRC complex has a full-service maintenance shop and mechanical bay to support the Maintenance Division and overall operations.  

The Road Ahead

The Buildings & Equipment Division is an excellent place to advance your mechanical skillset! We strive to keep our department up to date on current techniques by offering training opportunities and room for growth. This close-knit group looks for experienced diesel mechanics 1-2 times a year to join the team as an Equipment Specialist. This position is great for someone who likes to tackle new challenges every day and work on a variety of equipment. Candidates should be attentive to safety and self-motivated team players.

To be considered for full time employment as an Equipment Specialist (Heavy Duty Truck Mechanic), you must have:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • A valid driver's license + Class A CDL with the N Endorsement
  • Minimum of one-year experience servicing, diagnosing, and repairing trucks and heavy equipment
  • Ability to perform basic inspections with limited supervision in some (not all required) of the following: heavy truck, suspension & steering; general engine transmissions, brakes, electrical, hydraulics, drive train, diesel emissions
  • Clean driving record; ability to pass a post-offer drug screen and background check

Occasionally, we accept applications for seasonal employees to assist with general upkeep of KCRC buildings and grounds.  Create a job alert to be notified of both full-time and seasonal opportunities.

Maintenance Division

The Maintenance Division plays a key role in our mission to serve Kent County with a safe, reliable and efficient transportation network. Operating out of four different complexes, the employees in this division are responsible for maintaining and preserving over 2,000 country roads and over 430 miles of state roads under contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation. This includes plowing snow, crack sealing, pothole patching, grading, ditching, culvert and guardrail repair, tree trimming, and vegetation control.

The Road Ahead

The Maintenance Division is a great place to start your career with KCRC. Employees are expected to work hard, learn, develop and grow into other positions within KCRC. Although our job openings for operators, foremen, superintendents, and assistant directors are filled internally, we search externally for qualified, hard-working and enthusiastic candidates to fill our entry level positions, including seasonal and full-time road maintenance workers. 

To be considered for full time employment as a road maintenance worker, a candidate must have:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Six (6) months of job-related experience such as road maintenance work, farming, commercial landscaping, tree cutting, patching/paving or construction
  • Ability to workday or night shifts, long hours and overtime, as needed
  • Clean driving record/ability to pass a post-offer drug screen and background check
  • Valid driver’s license + Class A CDL with the N Endorsement to drive and operate trucks

If you currently do not hold a CDL or have the correct endorsement, that is ok. You will still be considered if you are willing and able to obtain the necessary licensing.

Seasonal positions are a great way to gain work experience and exposure to the Maintenance Division. Depending on the volume of work, seasonal employees may work during the spring/summer construction season or off and on throughout the year. To be considered for seasonal employment, you must be 18 years or older, have a valid driver’s license, and be able to pass a post-offer drug screen. We look for dependable go-getters who are willing to go above and beyond to get the job done.

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Finance Division

The Finance Division provides financial services for KCRC and is responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, capital assets, inventory, purchasing, procurement, and financial analysis, as well as IT.

IT (Information Technology) maintains KCRC's network infrastructure, hardware, software and support. 

The Road Ahead

We will be looking for experienced and qualified individuals to join our Accounting and IT teams. To qualify for a position in Finance or IT, applicants must have an interest in a business-related field (i.e. accounting, finance, Information Technology) and experience in governmental organizations.

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HR, Safety, and Communications


The Human Resources team provides support to all divisions and employees by managing personnel records, policy development, recruitment, performance management, benefit administration, compensation, workforce planning and employee development.

As KCRC strives to become an employer of choice, HR will continue to foster a work environment that promotes fairness, equity, diversity, inclusion and a commitment to serve both current and future employees.


Working alongside Human Resources, the Safety Superintendent is responsible for creating and sustaining a safe and secure work environment for all employees. This position develops and provides job-site training, recommends guidelines and procedures to follow OSHA/MIOSHA regulations and standards, and responds and investigates incidents.


The Communications Manager develops and implements KCRC's communication strategy, including branding, digital and social media engagement, community outreach, crisis communication and media relations. Collaboration and teamwork are integral facets of this position along with an ongoing eagerness to share how KCRC Works to Keep Kent County Moving!

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