Recruiting Process


The recruiting process and FAQ explains timeline and what to expect when applying for a job.


Job Search & Application Process

Use the job search page to view openings and apply. Once your application is submitted, you will receive an email letting you know you are all set. Please pay close attention to your email inbox as this is how we will communicate with you. If for any reason your application is “incomplete,” meaning additional information is requested, you will be notified by email. To check the status of your application, edit details provided or submit additional information, simply log back into your account.


Application Screening

HR staff will review your online application and determine if you meet the required skills, experience and education. Applicants that best match the job requirements will be contacted to continue the selection process. Applicants who are not considered will be notified by email at time of posting's closing.


Interview Process

If you meet the required qualifications, you will be contacted to schedule an interview. Depending on the position, the process may include a phone screening, first round interview and second round interview.


Offer & Onboarding

If you are selected for a job, HR will prepare and provide an offer of employment by telephone, email, or in-person. If you are provided an electronic offer letter, you will receive an email with instructions to view, accept and sign the offer via email. Once you've accepted a job offer, HR will reach out with additional details about the steps you will need to successfully complete in order to start work. 

Offers given for every position are conditional, meaning you must be able to pass a drug screen, background check and, in some cases, DOT check before your offer of employment is final. Once your start date is determined, you will schedule a time to meet with HR to complete necessary new-hire paperwork, training and onboarding.