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Elections Are Coming: Here’s the Criteria for Political Signs in County Road ROW

Elections Are Coming: Here’s the Criteria for Political Signs in County Road ROW

The Kent County Road Commission (KCRC) has reached out to candidates and election parties to remind them of criteria that must be followed when placing signs in the county road right-of-way. The information was included in a letter from KCRC's Managing Director Steve Warren, accompanied by a copy of KCRC's policy, Political Election Signs in the Right-of-Way.

"With the 2020 election season upon us, we want to make sure that those seeking public office are familiar with our policy. We understand the desire to advertise one's candidacy and want to ensure that candidates know how to place their signs without impeding safety or hindering essential maintenance efforts," said Warren.

KCRC permits the placement of signs advertising one’s candidacy within county right-of-way with the following restrictions:

  • Signs shall not be larger than nine square feet.
  • Signs shall be a minimum of fifteen feet (15’) from the edge of the paved surface, outside of mowing limits.
  • Signs shall NOT be placed in vision corners, which are typically at least one hundred fifty feet (150’) from the intersection of another public street.
  • All signs must be removed within ten (10) days after the election.

If signs or their placement do not adhere to KCRC’s policy, the signs will be removed and stored at one of KCRC’s facilities, including 1500 Scribner Avenue, Grand Rapids; 4949 Tim Dougherty Drive SE, Grand Rapids; 11777 White Creek Avenue, Cedar Springs; and 131 84th Street SW, Byron Center.

Townships and cities within Kent County may have more restrictive signage policies than KCRC; therefore, candidates are advised to review each municipality’s regulations.

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has a separate policy governing the placement of signs on state highways (i.e. US-, I-, M-routes). For information pertaining to MDOT’s policy, interested parties should contact MDOT’s Grand Region office at (616) 451-3091 or visit