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Neighborhood Clean-Up

Neighborhood Clean-Up

Part of winter storm clean-up is opening the storm drains and catch basins so that flowing water navigates to the appropriate outlet, thus minimizing the potential for flooding or refreeze. You can help!

  • Please park vehicles in driveways, off of the road. Vehicles parked in the street reduce service to the road and may prohibit an essential storm drain or catch basin from being cleared

  • To help minimize the amount of snow that gets pushed onto your driveway: place as much snow as possible in the direction of travel when clearing your driveway and place the removed snow on the downstream side of the road. Then, clear an area or pocket “upstream” from your driveway’s access where the snow from the road can go into.

  • After crews come through, check catch basins and storm drains, if they are still blocked, try to clear them of excess snow. This will reduce the potential for flooding.