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Notice of Sale of Land

Notice of Sale of Land

Grand Rapids, MI (Dec. 20, 2018)  The Kent County Road Commission has released a Notice of Sale of Land for its Central Complex property, located at 1500 Scribner Avenue in Grand Rapids. Built in 1924, the facility resides on 14.2 acres along the Grand River just north of Webster Street, adjacent to US-131, and includes over 130,000 square feet of various building space.

Bordered by two city streets, the railroad and the Grand River, the Scribner property lacks capacity for further expansion. Because of this, KCRC has known for some time that it would need to relocate to a larger property in order to expand and modernize operations. Having purchased a 29-acre parcel in the Walker View Industrial Park in 2016, KCRC is well positioned to evaluate interest in the Scribner site.

“We are going to move when the time is right,” said Steve Warren, KCRC’s managing director. “Given the current market and development in the area, we think now is a good time to welcome proposals. We are not in the position where we must move, but if the right offer is presented, we are prepared to relocate.”

For KCRC, a larger, more modern complex would maximize energy efficiency, incorporate new technologies and expand facilities for field operations, equipment repair and material storage. The Walker View site encompasses the key characteristics relocation would require, including a centralized position within the county, easy access to the freeway network, and additional area for future expansion if and when needed.

Prior to purchasing the Walker View property, KCRC learned that the Scribner location had been identified as an “opportunity site” for redevelopment under GR Forward, the 10-year community plan and investment strategy for Downtown Grand Rapids and the Grand River corridor. Since then, developments have begun to take shape around the area, and KCRC has recognized that its industrial-type operations may no longer be the highest and best use along the river corridor.

“As a public entity, we must be responsive to the evolving needs of our transportation network as well as the changing dynamics of the river corridor,” said Mark Rambo, KCRC’s board chair.

KCRC’s commitment to sound financial management provides the necessary foundation for relocation. In 2018, the organization fully funded its pension and healthcare liabilities and is now virtually debt-free.

Furthermore, KCRC’s long range planning articulates annual performance measures that help maintain focus on achieving the organization’s strategic objectives while identifying funding options for a new complex.

“Ultimately, KCRC’s strategic objectives guide our decision making, and we remain focused on the improvement, preservation and safety of our road and bridge network,” said Warren. “The future relocation of our Central Complex is aligned with achieving these objectives."