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Seasonal Weight & Speed Restrictions Enforced Beginning January 31

Seasonal Weight & Speed Restrictions Enforced Beginning January 31

Beginning Wednesday, January 31 at 6 a.m., seasonal weight and speed restrictions will be enforced by the following agencies:

  • Barry County Road Commission
  • Calhoun County Road Department
  • Ionia County Road Department
  • Road Commission of Kalamazoo County
  • Kent County Road Commission (KCRC)
  • Mason County Road Commission
  • Montcalm County Road Commission
  • Muskegon County Road Commission
  • Newaygo County Road Commission
  • Oceana County Road Commission
  • Ottawa County Road Commission
  • City of Grandville
  • City of Kentwood
  • City of Walker

The intent of the restrictions is to protect the integrity of the road when frost is coming out of the ground. On roads with seasonal restrictions, normal legal loads must be reduced by approximately 35% and truck vehicle speeds reduced to 35 mph.

With the onset of warmer weather, more thawing is occurring beneath the road’s surface. This creates a saturated roadbed, with water trapped between the pavement and the remaining ice layer below. Heavy trucks and equipment traveling over inadequately supported road surfaces can result in permanent cracks and damage.

Enacting seasonal restrictions is based on multiple factors including solid frost depths, pavement and air temperatures, visual signs of pavement bleeding, pavement distress, saturation levels of roadbeds, and the ten-day forecast. Neighboring cities and counties work closely together to discuss these factors and align enforcement when possible.

"Our top priority is to protect the structural integrity of our roads, especially during this critical period when frost is leaving the ground. This challenge is compounded by the rainfall and snowmelt we are currently experiencing,” said Steve Roon, KCRC’s director of maintenance and local roads. “By acting proactively, we aim to minimize damage to the pavement’s surface and preserve the longevity of our road infrastructure.”

  • Those with truck-related questions may contact the Michigan Trucking Association at 1-800-MTA- 4MTA (1-800-682-4682).
  • The KCRC Seasonal Weight and Speed Restriction Hotline: 616-336-2019
  • More information regarding KCRC’s Weight Restriction & Bonding Policy is available here.
  • Permit Information for Oversize/Overweight
  • KCRC Truck Operator's Map that identifies all-season roads and restricted roads