Adopt-A-Road invites the community to help keep the roadways of Kent County free of litter and debris. This policy identifies the characteristics of the program.

Communication Service Provider Facilities (CSP)

No Communication Service Provider shall install, construct, or otherwise place within public right-of-way under the jurisdiction of the Kent County Road Commission (Road Commission) any Communication Service Provider Facilities, except pursuant to the provisions of this policy.

Complete Streets

In accordance with Public Acts 134 and 135 of 2010,KCRC recognizes the importance of Complete Streets and Context Sensitive Solutions and will work with Townships and local Municipalities to allow the installation of street lighting, sidewalks, bike paths, non-motorized trails, trees and other street scape amenities, within the public road right-of-way. This policy articulates the related procedures.

Deaf Child Area Signs Policy

This policy identifies the conditions that must be met for approval of a “Deaf Child Area” sign.

Driveways Banners Parades in ROW

This policy presents the rules and procedures to regulate driveways, banners, and parades within KCRC’s right-of-way.

Mailbox Damage and Replacement Policy

​This policy identifies the process for reporting mailbox damage and the instances under which KCRC will compensate a property owner.

Natural Beauty Road DNR Guidelines

​This is not a KCRC policy but is provided as supplemental information to the KCRC Natural Beauty Road Policy.

Natural Beauty Road Policy

This policy identifies the specific procedures that must be followed for the designation of a natural beauty road.

Non Motorized Facility Policy

This policy identifies the guidelines to be used by KCRC or requesting agencies when non-motorized facilities are to be located within the road right-of-way.

Oversized Overweight Vehicles Policy

Vehicles and/or loads that exceed the legal dimensions or weights for KCRC roadways are required to have a Special Transportation Permit. This policy addresses the requirements that apply to Special Transportation Permits.

Plat Development

These documents provide the requirements and specifications for Plat Development, including the Plat Construction Quality Control Provision, and the associated fees.

Political Signs in ROW

This policy defines the criteria that must be met for the placement of political election signs within KCRC’s right-of-way:

Public Hearing Policy

This policy identifies the reasons for which the Board of County Road Commissioners may hold a public hearing.

Seasonal Weight Restrictions

This policy identifies the circumstances and guidelines under which businesses or individuals may bond roads during periods of enforced speed and weight restrictions.

Service Connections in ROW

This policy addresses the guidelines that have been established to regulate service connections within KCRC’s right-of-way.

Sprinkler Systems in ROW

​This policy addresses sprinkler systems placed in KCRC’s right-of-way.

Street Naming Guidelines

This policy identifies the guidelines established for the naming of roads within Kent County.

Street Renaming

This policy presents the process for those seeking to change the name of an existing road or street.

Title VI

The Kent County Road Commission Title VI Non-Discimination Plan asserts KCRC’s commitment to ensuring that the fundamental principles of equal opportunity are upheld in compliance with the Title VI regulations in association with the Michigan Department of Transportation Title VI Department.

Tree Cutting

MCLA 247.241 provides the Board of County Road Commission the authority to maintain trees along, and within the limits of, roads under their jurisdiction. This policy identifies the process through which a property owner may be issued a permit for the removal or trimming of vegetation in Easement and Statutory right-of-way.

Tree Planting Policy

The tree planting policy and program provides guidelines for KCRC to follow in planting and maintaining trees within its highway right-of-way.