Road Limits Work Start Completion Authority Traffic
Butttrick Avenue Buttrick Avenue & Grand River Intersection Utility Work 06/21/21 06/25/21 Utility Detour

Intersection closed for sanitary sewer work. Project will extend new sanitary sewer in Buttrick Avenue south past the intersection with Grand River Drive, then will turn east of Buttrick Avenue along south side of Grand River Drive.

Wheaton Drive M-37 to Aldun Ridge Avenue Resurfacing 06/18/21 06/25/21 KCRC Lane Closures

Notice to Property Owners - Alpine Township

Resurfacing project will consist of repaving with hot mix asphalt the entire road surface.

13 Mile Rd Alpine Avenue to Pine Island Drive Crush & Shape 06/18/21 07/02/21 KCRC Detour for Through Traffic

This is a multi-phase resurfacing project to be completed in 2 phases: Phase 1 will include east of Alpine Avenue to Pine Island Drive; and Phase 2 will include the segment east of Pine Island Drive to Edgerton Avenue. 

  • Base course paving complete
  • Top course paving and restoration projected for June 18 - July 2
Aldun Ridge Ave North and South of Wheaton Drive Mill & Fill 06/18/21 06/25/21 KCRC Lane Closures

Notice to Property Owners - Alpine Township

Resurfacing project will consist of repaving with hot mix asphalt the entire road surface.

Baumhoff Avenue 6 Mile Road to 7 Mile Road Crush & Shape 06/16/21 07/02/21 KCRC Detour

This is a crush and shape resurfacing project during which the existing asphalt and a portion of the underlying gravel is ground, or crushed, and then regraded, compacted and covered with multiple layers of paver-placed hot mix asphalt.

Division Avenue 100th Street to 108th Street Utility Work 05/24/21 06/30/21 Utility Lane Closures
Heintzelman Avenue 13 Mile Road to Stultz Street Gravel Stockpiling 05/10/21 07/31/21 KCRC Detour for Through Traffic
16 Mile Road Pennington Avenue and Algoma Avenue Reconstruction 05/10/21 09/30/21 KCRC Detour for Through Traffic

Reconstruction of 16 Mile Road from gravel to pavement. Road will be built to KCRC Local Road Standard, which includes a 12-inch sand subbase, a 6-inch aggregate base, and a total of 3 ½-inch HMA surface.

13 Mile Road Heintzelman Avenue to Podunk Avenue Reconstruction 04/28/21 07/30/21 KCRC Detour for Through Traffic

Project includes reconstructing existing gravel roadway to KCRC local road standard including two courses of HMA surface. 

4 Mile Road West River Drive and York View Drive Permit Work 04/19/21 06/25/21 Township Lane Closures

 This project includes sidewalk installation and is permitted work for Alpine and Plainfield Township.

Wolven Avenue 10 Mile Road to 11 Mile Road Utility Work 04/05/21 06/23/21 Utility Detour for Through Traffic

Utility works includes extending the water main along the west side of Wolven Avenue from north of 10 Mile Road to 11 Mile Road, continuing west on the north side of 11 Mile Road.

84th Street Division Avenue to Eastern Avenue Reconstruction 03/02/21 07/02/21 KCRC Detour

Improvement of 1.0 mile of 84th Street includes sanitary sewer installation, grading, drainage, subbase, aggregate base and construction to provide a three-lane roadway with curb and gutter, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, ditches and HMA surfacing. 

Beginning March 2, DTE Energy will begin relocating portions of existing natural gas main at various locations that conflict with the planned road widening work. Sanitary sewer installation will follow by the Byron-Gaines Sewer Authority, and road improvement will be completed in the final phase