Road Limits Work Start Completion Authority Traffic
16 Mile Road Pennington Avenue and Algoma Avenue Reconstruction 05/10/21 09/30/21 KCRC Detour for Through Traffic
13 Mile Rd (Phase 1) Alpine Avenue to Pine Island Drive Crush & Shape 05/10/21 06/04/21 KCRC Detour for Through Traffic
Camp Lake Plat Algoma Township Resurfacing 04/28/21 06/30/21 KCRC
13 Mile Road Heintzelman Avenue to Podunk Avenue Reconstruction 04/28/21 07/30/21 KCRC Detour for Through Traffic
Robinhood Plat Grands Rapids Township Resurfacing 04/27/21 06/30/21 KCRC
4 Mile Road West River Drive and York View Drive Permit Work 04/19/21 06/10/21 Township Lane Closures
East Paris Avenue Cook Valley Blvd Signal Installation 04/12/21 07/05/21 KCRC Lane Closures
Wolven Avenue 10 Mile Road to 11 Mile Road Utility Work 04/05/21 05/29/21 Utility Detour for Through Traffic
100th Street Kalamazoo Avenue to Hanna Lake Avenue Reconstruction 03/29/21 07/14/21 KCRC Detour for Through Traffic
84th Street Division Avenue to Eastern Avenue Reconstruction 03/02/21 07/07/21 KCRC Detour