Project Details

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Road: Byron Neighborhoods (Phase 1)

Limits: Byron Township

Work: Resurfacing

Start: 05/20/21

Completion: 06/03/21

Traffic: Expect Delays

Authority: KCRC

Contractor: Superior Asphalt

Funding: 50% KCRC/50% Byron Township

KCRC in collaboration with Byron Township is contracting with Superior Asphalt to complete a full-width repaving of select local streets.

Letter to Property Owners

  • 71st Street: Buchanan Avenue to Division Avenue
  • Andale Court: Trinity Drive to End
  • Buchanan Avenue: Trinity Drive to 71st Street
  • Haras Court: Interurban Avenue to End
  • Interurban Avenue: Matt Street to 71st Street
  • Interurban Avenue: Rawlings St to Haras Ct
  • Matt Street: Division Avenue to Interurban Avenue
  • Morning Glory Street: Division Ave to Interurban Ave
  • Quincy Drive: 68th Street to End
  • Trinity Drive: Quincy Drive to Buchanan Avenue

The following will be completed later in the construction season:

  • 77th Street: Division Avenue to End
  • Edgeview Avenue: 68th Street to Pine Bluff Court (postponed to coincide with future water/sewer project)
  • Pine Bluff Court: End to End(postponed to coincide with future water/sewer project)
  • Alles Drive: Clyde Park Ave to Byron Commerce Dr
  • Larry Street: 76th Street to Division Avenue