Project Details

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Road: Camp Lake Plat

Limits: Algoma Township

Work: Resurfacing

Start: 04/28/21

Completion: 05/12/21

Authority: KCRC

Contractor: Superior Asphalt

Funding: 50% KCRC/50% Algoma Township

The Kent County Road Commission (KCRC) in collaboration with Algoma Township is contracting with Superior Asphalt to complete a full-width repaving of select local streets.


  • Maywood Drive: 14 Mile Road to Warbler Street
  • 14 Mile Road: Division Avenue to Maywood Drive
  • 12 Mile Road: Valley View Drive to Summit Avenue

Camp Lake Neighborhood:

  • Camp Lake Drive: Earlson St to LaPan St
  • Earlson Street: Division to End
  • LaPan Street: Division Avenue to Leasure Drive
  • Leasure Drive: Camp Lake Drive to LaPan Street
  • Roxbury Drive: Earlson Street to LaPan Street

Letter to Property Owners