Project Details

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Road: Cascade Township

Limits: Neighborhood Streets

Work: Resurfacing

Start: TBD

Completion: TBD

Traffic: Expect Delays

Authority: KCRC

Contractor: Michigan Paving and Materials

Funding: 50% KCRC/50% Cascade Township

KCRC in collaboration with Cascade Township is contracting with Michigan Paving & Materials complete a full-width repaving of select local streets during the 2022 construction season (estimated to begin at the end of June):

  • Alaska Avenue: 60th Street to Golden Oak Drive
  • Golden Oak Trail: Alaska Avenue to Tannon Trail
  • Little Harbor Drive: 48th Street to End
  • Sandy Hollow Drive: Buttrick Avenue to End
  • Sequoia Drive: 48th Street to End
  • Tannon Court: End to End
  • Tannon Trail: Alaska Avenue to Tannon Court
  • Woodlark Drive: Sandy Hollow Drive to End
  • Briarcliff Drive: Thornapple River Drive to End

Property owners along these streets will receive further information by mail. Other resources regarding what can be expected during a residential paving project can be found here.