Major Road Projects

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1. KCRC’s Daily Work Schedule


Information regarding lane and road closures that correspond to work conducted by KCRC and our contractors. This list is updated Monday through Friday.

5 Year Improvement Plan

The KCRC Five Year Primary Road Improvement Plan:

  • Is subject to change
  • does NOT include local road projects, which are scheduled and funded in collaboration with the townships


Construction on state and interstate highways and trunklines is within the jurisdiction of the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), not the Kent County Road Commission.

Further information regarding work on state and interstate (US, M,I) can be found at:

MDOT Road and Bridge Projects

Mi Drive Interactive Map

100th Street

Schedule Date: March 23 - October 2020

Location Detail: East and West of US-131

Reconstruct and widen approaches in conjunction with MDOT's replacement of the bridge over US-131. Work includes earthwork, drainage, HMA pavement, pavement markings and restoration.

6 Mile Road

Schedule Date: May 11 - June 24, 2020

Location Detail: Fruit Ridge Ave. to Walker Ave.

Crush and Shape the existing 3-lane asphalt surface and resurface with 2 courses of HMA (hot asphalt mix).  Through traffic will be detoured to 7 Mile Road.

68th Street

Schedule Date: May 18 - June 19, 2020

Location Detail: Byron Center Avenue to Burlingame Avenue

Cold mill existing 5-lane asphalt surface and place two (2) courses of HMA. Two-way traffic will be maintained during project.

Chandler Drive

Schedule Date: April 20 - August 28, 2020

Location Detail: Post Drive to Herrington Avenue

This utility project includes the extension of existing water main on Chandler Drive north to Herrington Avenue and north on Herrington Avenue to US-131. This permitted project was deemed critical by Kent County Road Commission and is part of Plainfield Township's PFAS remediation efforts. Dykema Excavators will be completing the project following the CDC-recommended health and safety protocols and the State of Michigan’s orders relative to COVID-19.

Courtland Drive

Schedule Date: May 18

Location Detail: June 27, 2020

Complete road reconstruction and drainage work on Courtland Drive to provide center-turn lane at new residential street entrance. 

Fruit Ridge Avenue

Schedule Date: June 1 - July 12, 2020

Location Detail: 6 Mile Road to 10 Mile Road

This Crush & Shape project is a structural pavement treatment that grinds, or crushes, the existing asphalt and 1-2” of underlying gravel. The material is then regraded, compacted and covered with multiple layers of paver-placed hot asphalt. Construction will begin at 10 Mile Road and proceed south towards 6 Mile Road.  Through traffic will be detoured to Peach Ridge Avenue from 7 Mile Road to 10 Mile Road until the 6 Mile Road project is completed.  Once the 6 Mile Road project is completed, the detour will be extended from 7 Mile Road to 6 Mile Road. 

Knapp Street

Schedule Date: May 18 - July 6, 2020

Location Detail: East City Limit to East Beltline Avenue

Cold mill existing 2-lane to 6-lane asphalt surface and place 2 courses of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA). The road will be closed for three days (May 26-28/weather dependent) between Dean Lake Avenue and Leffingwell Avenue; for the rest of the project, two-way will be maintained, and work will be completed under lane closures.

Spencer Bridge No 16 (Hatch Avenue) - CURRENTLY CLOSED

Schedule Date: Spring 2020

Location Detail: Hatch Avenue over Black Creek

A portion of the north culvert has deteriorated, causing an unsafe condition and current closure of Hatch Avenue over Black Creek at the culvert. Repair work on the metal culvert began in Fall 2019; however, due to high water and inclement winter weather, further repair has been postponed until Spring 2020. The repair project is projected to be completed by Summer 2020.

Spencer Bridge No 38 (Larsen Avenue) - CURRENTLY CLOSED

Schedule Date: (Proposed) 2020

Location Detail: Larsen Avenue over Clear Creek

The north culvert has deflected inward causing an unsafe condition and temporary closure at the culvert on Larsen Avenue over Clear Creek. A single span bridge is planned to be installed in 2020 to replace the 41-year-old metal culverts. The bidding of the project is scheduled for late winter with installation of the bridge projected for Summer 2020.