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5 Year Improvement Plan

The KCRC Five Year Primary Road Improvement Plan:

  • Is subject to change
  • does NOT include local road projects, which are scheduled and funded in collaboration with the townships

Caledonia Township

Schedule Date: Beginning October 3, 2019

Location Detail: East Rivershores Drive

The following is a paving project scheduled for the 2019 construction season cost-shared between the township and the Kent County Road Commission.

6 Mile Road

Schedule Date: 2020 - TBD

Location Detail: Fruit Ridge Ave. to Walker Ave.

Crush and Shape the existing 3-lane asphalt surface and resurface with 2 courses of HMA (hot asphalt mix).  Through traffic will be detoured.

84th Street

Schedule Date: 2020 - proposed

Location Detail: East of Kalamazoo Avenue to Breton Avenue

Reconstruction project will include tree removal, earthwork, shoulder widening, ditch work, culvert replacement, grading, sand subbase, aggregate base, asphalt paving, pavement markings and restoration.

Knapp Street

Schedule Date: 2020- TBD

Location Detail: East of City Limits to East Beltline Ave.

Cold mill and crush and shape existing 2-lane to 6-lane asphalt surface and resurface with 2 courses of HMA (hot mix asphalt).  Through traffic will be detoured west of Leffingwell Avenue and maintained east.

Peach Ridge RR Crossing

Schedule Date: October 21 - October 25, 2019

Location Detail: South of State Street

Removal and replacement of existing railroad crossing across Peach Ridge Avenue.


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